Monday, July 29, 2013

No PR Strategy For Your Small Business?! - WHY???

If you're a small business and you haven't thought about a PR strategy for your company, I just have one question for you:  What are you waiting for, my love???

Listen.  PR is THE most cost-effective alternative to expensive traditional marketing. It's one of the best ways to let people know you're here.  It's word of mouth and it works.  Trust me. 

Before I give you some PR tips, be sure to think about your strategy first.  That includes understanding your audience, determining your company goals (be specific!) and creating effective communication (key messaging that will reach your audience, tone, etc.).  Start there and remember to plan your strategy based not on the here and now, but where you want to go.

Here are some other PR tips: 

Social Media 
- Careful.  Just because social media is free, doesn't mean it's a one-sizes-fits-all kinda thing.  First, be clear on what your goals are (that's the strategy part).  Are you looking to get more media hits?  Publicity around your launch or the launch of a new product?  More exposure?  Increased sales?  Second, know where your customers/potential customers are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc?  Lastly, commit to engaging in a social media channel that's right for your business, and do it!   

What's Your Story? - If you really want to connect with people, I mean REALLY connect with people, you gotta be transparent.  The best way to connect with people is through storytelling.  You left corporate America to fulfill a life-long dream of mentoring kids?  Share that!  Don't be afraid to share nuggets of your life.  

Partner With Your Local CommunityTie your company to a non-profit cause.  Giving back to your local community is not only the right thing to do, it will likely garner you some media attention.  

Don't Be Shy (Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed!) 
- Get out and about!  Make new friends. Meet and connect with people in your community.  Attend social events, exchange information with others about their businesses and follow up.  Some folks call that "networking" (ugh--I hate that term!), I call it building relationships. 

Show Your Personality (Have Fun!) - Whether you have a food truck, a pet-sitting business or a new hair salon, you have to love what you're doing. You have to.  Bring that love, energy and enthusiasm to your work.  People do business with people they like. Always remember that. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tie Tuesday (Marvin Gaye)

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, I've been listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye lately. I've always loved his music, but what I love more is his social activism THROUGH his music. 

I wish more artists would use their talents to evoke social change.  I believe celebrities and artists should use their star power to shine a spotlight on human equality.  After all--it's the fans, the every day people who support them.  I applaud those who do (Go Solange!), but it would be great to see more.   

That's my plan.  I'm no celebrity, but I'm an artist.  Marvin Gaye did it through lyrics and music.  Me?  I will continue to write.  I will rally people around me.  I will speak up.  I will share my experiences with others, and share those of my community too.  I will do my part and then some. 


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Unwritten Twitter Rules - What They Don't Tell You When You Sign Up (Vol III)

This is my third installment of "Unwritten Twitter Rules."  Click here to read Volume I.  And here for Volume II.  You know above all, I'm here for the people so please let me know if I've missed anything.  :-)  

Sweet Dreams Twitterville - You don't have to tell Twitter can just shut up.  (Ditto for Facebook.)

Following Folks - Following people only because they agree with you is sooooo boring.  Mix it up.  Take me for example.  I follow Sarah Palin.  Not because I agree with her thoughts.  NOPE.  But, I do think she's funny.  BOY is she funny!   

Sarcasm - 
If you're sarcastic like me, you gotta be careful.  A lot of folks are too sensitive for Twitter.  The issue is...sarcasm gets retweeted and subsequently offends someone who's cat just died or something.  *sigh*

Twitter Beefs - It's pointless getting into arguments with people on Twitter. Too much flawed logic to even know where to start.

The Infamous Subtweet ("Subliminal Tweet") - Listen.  If you think everyone is subtweeting about you, you got issues - real talk.  And Twitter will only make them worse.  So, stop tweeting and get some help. (Sounds like a public service announcement, right?)  :-)

Twitter Friends - Twitter is a great place to meet interesting, fun people who share common interests,'s NOT healthy to only have Twitter friends.  Go forth & find real-life friends whose personalities don't originate in a 140-character field, K?

Your Twitter Civic Duty - Careful.  Before you jump on the civic duty bandwagon...hold up.  Twitter is THE place for short lived civil campaigns.  Remember the huge KONY campaign of 2012?  No?  My point exactly!  

Calm Down, Breathe...It's Just Twitter - If EVERYTHING someone says on Twitter makes you hop on the defensive and go off on a tirade, then maybe--just should just stay off of Twitter.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tie Tuesday (Héctor Lavoe)

I loooooove music.  All kinds!  My taste in music can't be described.  It just depends on my mood really.  I'm a fan of a wide range of talented artists.  Hector Lavoe is at the top of my list!  Whenever I listen to his music, I smile....and dance. :)  

He was born Hector Juan Perez Martinez.  To distinguish Hector from other Latino singers, a former manager made him adopt Felipe Rodriguez's moniker, "La Voz" ("The Voice"), and it turned into his stage name, Lavoe. 

"The Voice"......perfect choice.  In 2006, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez starred in El Cantante, Hector's life story.  It was tragic and sad, but his music.... Amazing. 

If you love great music and you don't know who Hector Lavoe is, do yourself a favor and get to know him. You will not be disappointed.  I promise. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Warning - Here's What Happens When You Give Vine To Kids (LOL!)

If you're still not a fan of Vine, this JUST might change your mind.  I've watched this six-second video about 500 times. Heeeelarious! 

This is what your kids are doing when you're at work: 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tie Tuesday (Johnny Depp)

John Christopher Depp, Jr AKA Johnny Depp.....  One of the highest paid actors in Hollywood (He reportedly makes more than $30 million per film).  An amazing talent.  Worth every dime!  He seems so unassuming and unaware of how great he is.  And that makes him even more appealing.

Now, listen.  It's been widely documented that I hate Westerns.  HATE.  And I'm here to report that nothing has changed on that front.  HOWEVER, *peers over sunglasses*  there are exceptions to this rule.  Only a few people can get me to go see a Western, and yep Johnny Deep is one of them!   

I WILL be going to see The Lone Ranger.  Johnny Depp as Tonto??  What?!?!  I'm so here for it.  The movie comes out tomorrow, July 3rd.  Get there early, 'cuz uh.... Johnny Depp. :) 

Johnny Depp as Tonto in the Lone Ranger.