Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Soundtrack of My Life: Track 2 (Sweet Thing -Rufus & Chaka Khan)

I'm such a sucker for a beautiful love song.  I have many, many favorites, but this one right here.... Ohhhhh--it makes me smile real hard:)  

Note: My momma calls Chaka Khan (her favorite singer), the Queen.  I concur.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Oprah Aha Moments.....

I'll admit, working in PR has its advantages and perks. My friends like to say I attend dinners, events and golf tournaments all the time, and that's my job.  Not true.  But I do get to experience a lot of fun, memorable moments.

One of my best?  Getting to see Oprah live in Atlanta!  An hour-long session (felt like lunch with my fairy God-mother) where I listened, laughed and discovered my passion.  Well, re-discovered it.... (It's writing for me).

Soooo many Oprah Aha moments!  I wish everyone could have experienced what I did.  Here's some of what she said....

  • Strength x strength x strength over time = Power!
  • If you stop growing, you stop living.
  • On being scared... Sit with yourself. Clarity comes from within, from God.  Not Facebook!
  • On challenges/problems... Ask yourself, "What is this here to teach me?" instead of "Why is this happening to me?"
  • The universe will meet you where you are. God will meet you where you are. (So deep...) 
  • On making a difference... Start in your own house. The biggest difference you can make in the world is how you live your life.
  • You are worthy because....you were born. (My favorite!)
  • I don't care what the media says about OWN.  I KNOW who I am.
  • While you're praying and asking and waiting on God....God is waitin' on you. 
    Miss O, telling one of her funny stories...
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