Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tie Tuesday (Marvin Gaye)

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, I've been listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye lately. I've always loved his music, but what I love more is his social activism THROUGH his music. 

I wish more artists would use their talents to evoke social change.  I believe celebrities and artists should use their star power to shine a spotlight on human equality.  After all--it's the fans, the every day people who support them.  I applaud those who do (Go Solange!), but it would be great to see more.   

That's my plan.  I'm no celebrity, but I'm an artist.  Marvin Gaye did it through lyrics and music.  Me?  I will continue to write.  I will rally people around me.  I will speak up.  I will share my experiences with others, and share those of my community too.  I will do my part and then some. 


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