Thursday, July 11, 2013

Unwritten Twitter Rules - What They Don't Tell You When You Sign Up (Vol III)

This is my third installment of "Unwritten Twitter Rules."  Click here to read Volume I.  And here for Volume II.  You know above all, I'm here for the people so please let me know if I've missed anything.  :-)  

Sweet Dreams Twitterville - You don't have to tell Twitter can just shut up.  (Ditto for Facebook.)

Following Folks - Following people only because they agree with you is sooooo boring.  Mix it up.  Take me for example.  I follow Sarah Palin.  Not because I agree with her thoughts.  NOPE.  But, I do think she's funny.  BOY is she funny!   

Sarcasm - 
If you're sarcastic like me, you gotta be careful.  A lot of folks are too sensitive for Twitter.  The issue is...sarcasm gets retweeted and subsequently offends someone who's cat just died or something.  *sigh*

Twitter Beefs - It's pointless getting into arguments with people on Twitter. Too much flawed logic to even know where to start.

The Infamous Subtweet ("Subliminal Tweet") - Listen.  If you think everyone is subtweeting about you, you got issues - real talk.  And Twitter will only make them worse.  So, stop tweeting and get some help. (Sounds like a public service announcement, right?)  :-)

Twitter Friends - Twitter is a great place to meet interesting, fun people who share common interests,'s NOT healthy to only have Twitter friends.  Go forth & find real-life friends whose personalities don't originate in a 140-character field, K?

Your Twitter Civic Duty - Careful.  Before you jump on the civic duty bandwagon...hold up.  Twitter is THE place for short lived civil campaigns.  Remember the huge KONY campaign of 2012?  No?  My point exactly!  

Calm Down, Breathe...It's Just Twitter - If EVERYTHING someone says on Twitter makes you hop on the defensive and go off on a tirade, then maybe--just should just stay off of Twitter.

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