Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tie Tuesday (Héctor Lavoe)

I loooooove music.  All kinds!  My taste in music can't be described.  It just depends on my mood really.  I'm a fan of a wide range of talented artists.  Hector Lavoe is at the top of my list!  Whenever I listen to his music, I smile....and dance. :)  

He was born Hector Juan Perez Martinez.  To distinguish Hector from other Latino singers, a former manager made him adopt Felipe Rodriguez's moniker, "La Voz" ("The Voice"), and it turned into his stage name, Lavoe. 

"The Voice"......perfect choice.  In 2006, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez starred in El Cantante, Hector's life story.  It was tragic and sad, but his music.... Amazing. 

If you love great music and you don't know who Hector Lavoe is, do yourself a favor and get to know him. You will not be disappointed.  I promise. 

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