Friday, September 27, 2013

Hispanic Heritage Month - Women Who Rock

Hispanic Heritage Month kicked off on September 15th! It's a great time for us to celebrate the unique contributions, culture and talents of Hispanic Americans throughout this country. 

I'm a BIG supporter of women.  So, to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, I'm celebrating beautiful, smart, talented Hispanic women I love and admire: 

Antonia Novella -
First Hispanic American to be named surgeon general of the United States. She was born in Puerto Rico and appointed Surgeon General by president George Bush. 
She was also the first woman ever to hold the position. #GirlPower

Rita Moreno
- The first Hispanic American (and the second person ever) to have won an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, and an Emmy.  "Maria" from Westside Story...  #dope

Ellen Ochoa - First female Hispanic astronaut.  Her first of four shuttle missions was in 1991.

Celia Cruz - Bolstering a 40-year singing career, she recorded 23 gold records, appeared in several movies, earned a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, and was awarded the American National Media of the Arts by the National Endowment of the Arts. (One of my favorite artists ever!)

Mary Joe Fernandez - Won two grand slam tennis titles for doubles & two Olympic gold medals.

Sonia Sotomayor - First Hispanic U.S. Supreme Court justice.

Rita Hayworth - She was born Margarita Carmen Cansino from Spanish parents, but was made to change her name and hair color in order to get work in Hollywood.  She made a total of 61 films and appeared on the cover of "Life" magazine six times.
Singer, Celia Cruz
Since 1968, the U.S. has honored the important role of Americans whose ancestors hailed from Spain, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking nations of Central America, South America and the Caribbean.  September 15th was chosen as the first day of the celebration because it's the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.  (Mexico celebrates their independence on September 16th and Chile on September 18th.)  


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