Friday, August 23, 2013

Conversations With A Virgo... (Volume I)

Virgo season is HERE!  *dances for 5 seconds*  If you're blessed enough to have a Virgo in your life, you are one lucky mojito.  

Listen.  Virgos are special.  And we know it.  Not in an arrogant kinda way.  Nooooo!  Virgos are the least arrogant of all of the zodiac signs.  Matter of fact, we tend to be genuinely modest, and would rather the attention be on others than ourselves.

Don't get me wrong, we have our ways.  Boy, do we ever!  If you're in a relationship with a Virgo, friends with a Virgo or you casually interact with a Virgo, the conversation will probably go like this: 

COMMENT:                                                                          VIRGO RESPONSE:     

"You're just so hard to read."                                              * blank stare * 

"So, everything in your closet is in sections,                    * smiles proudly *
labeled AND color coordinated?" 

"You're really shy."                                                               * sinister laugh * (If only they knew)  

"Hey, Stranger."                                                                    * sigh * 

"Why didn't you respond to my text message."                * sighs, again * 

"You're an introvert."                                                            * shrugs * 

"Sometimes....well, you act like you don't care."             "I care. I really do."  * side eye *

"How many times are you gonna review that?"               * sips smoothie* 

I told you...Virgos are special.  Don't judge us. :-)

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