Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2012 Theme Song (Hey--Don't Judge Me)

Soooo....I won't go into detail about me and my theme songs.  Click here to find out the scoop on THAT & to see my theme song from 2011!  

I'm SO excited about 2012, my Pink vision (wink) and all of life's opportunities, challenges and victories.  Bring it on!!! :)

Some folks listen to gospel, jazz or something really soft & mellow to feel inspired.  Me?  Not!  Whenever I have an important meeting or I'm nervous or unsure about something, or when I just need to feel motivated & hyped, I turn to this.... 

So, ALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF. My name is Steeepphhh!!! :) 

                                         Public Service Announcement by Jay-Z

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