Monday, June 17, 2013

You MIGHT Be A Tech Snob If....

Disclaimer - I may or may not be a tech snob.  Spend some time with me (about an hour will do) and you'll know the answer.... *whistles and walks away* 
  • You think the new Twitter app "Vine" is stupid, hilarious AND fantastic!

  • You feel sorry for people who are super active (& thriving - in their mind) on Facebook.

  • You judge people by their cell phone.  (If you're under the age of 50 and you have a flip phone?  *sigh* )

  • You judge people by their cell phone provider. (T-Mobile users....)

  • You defend Apple products profusely - as if you own stock in the company.

  • You own stock in Apple.

  • You'd rather drop cold, hard cash on your tech accessories than buy groceries.

  • You put serious thought into your profile name (and picture) on social networks.

  • You have little to no patience for people who refuse to embrace technology.

  • You sleep with your cell phone on your night stand - next to your bible, a bottle of Fiji water and a picture of Idris Elba your momma. 

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