Thursday, June 6, 2013

Michelle Obama Was Heckled? She Handled It Just Fine...

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm a HUGE Michelle Obama supporter.  So, my comments here will be biased based on my love for her.  If I offend anyone... *sips smoothie*   

The last few years for me politically have been bittersweet.  I watched as the country elected (and re-elected) its first African American president.  A great, unforgettable moment in history, right?  Yes!  Since this post is about Michelle Obama, I won't rant about my unwavering support for President Obama.  But, just know this...I think he's pretty dope. 

Now here's the "bitter" in the bittersweet part:  The Obamas have endured more ridicule, criticism and down-right hate than any other First Family 
I've ever known.  And through it all, they've been incredibly polite - to say the least.  I've often wondered, how in the !*@% do they do it?  I'm not sure if I could be so "nice." 

Michelle Obama... Over the past 4+ years, like millions of people all over the world, I fell head over heels for her.  She's smart, beautiful and so gracious.  I could go on and on...  A breath of fresh air!  

A few days ago, Michelle Obama was heckled by a woman as she spoke at a Democratic fundraising event.  She responded quickly by basically stating her intolerance for that kind of behavior.  Michelle approached the heckler and told her that she would leave: "Listen to me or you can take the mic. You all (audience) decide. You have one choice."  

The audience of course, wanted Michelle to stay.  She stayed and finished her speech.  The heckler?  She was escorted out of the event.

Some critics have come out and said Michelle's Obama behavior was inappropriate.  What?  Ummmm yeah--No.  The heckler's behavior was inappropriate and rude.  Michelle merely exerted herself as a guest speaker and First Lady.   


The PR me thinks she handled this perfectly.  Her reaction was transparent and real, wrapped up in the most
respectful, unapologetic packaging ever.  She wasn't defensive.  She didn't raise her voice.  She didn't become irate.  She doesn't have to.  Why?  Because she's Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States.  Respect it.  


  1. I too thought Mrs. Obama handled the heckler very well. I've never heard of any other first lady being treated in such a manner. What's more, is that the heckler says she felt threatened because the First Lady "got in her face." Well, in my opinion you stand very close to someone you are speaking to. Unfortunately, there are others that believe she didn't handle it well. I say to those individuals - this is how smart, confident black women do it. We don't idly stand by and let people treat us any kind of way. Bravo Mrs. Obama. I bet any other heckler will think twice from now on.

    1. Boom! You said it perfectly. I betcha folks will think again before they heckle Michelle Obama.


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