Friday, February 22, 2013

Pic Of The Day: Be Encouraged!

That's one of my BFF's on the horse below.  Isn't that a great picture?  

LJ Holloway is one of the most memorable people you'll ever meet in your life....super smart, fearless and heeeeelarious!  

This picture of her is especially meaningful for me.  Several years ago, LJ was diagnosed with a brain tumor and in 2010, she couldn't walk or talk.  But look at her now!!  Look. At. Her.  She's happy, healthy and living her life to the fullest!  (And quite fashionable if I must say so myself.) :)  

I'm inspired by LJ's courage.  I'm in awe of her strength and motivated by her tenacity. #Blessed      
LJ Holloway
To learn more about LJ Holloway and her book, "What To Do When Life Hands You A Devastating Diagnosis," go to

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