Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Macy's, Eriq LaSalle Celebrate 100 Years of Gordon Parks

As part of their commitment to Black History Month, Macy's honored photographer Gordon Parks in Atlanta recently with a special panel discussion featuring Eriq LaSalle and Arnika Dawkins (Arnika Hawkins Gallery).  The event commemorated the centennial birth of this beloved artist (1912-2006). 
And just when I thought I couldn't love Gordon Parks anymore than I already do... 
I found out that the life and times of this fearless renaissance man were more than just one big happenstance. He had a divine purpose and it all began the day he came into the world.  Did you know that when he was born, he had no heartbeat (he was stillborn) and was pronounced dead?  And if it hadn't been for an attentive doctor bringing him back to life, we may have never known Gordon Parks.  His gifts, his passions, his impact on the world were deliberate. He was meant to be here. 
Eriq LaSalle and Arnika Howard

Eriq LaSalle recalled his personal memories of Parks, "He was a gentle soul. A quiet storm."  LaSalle said Gordon was also a maverick - who rarely asked permission to do things, "he just did it."  The director/writer/actor encouraged the audience to learn more about Parks and reminded the group to share the photographer's story with the youth of today.
Macy' in-store tribute to Gordon Parks

If you live in Atlanta, be sure to visit Arnika Howard's gallery at 4600 Cascade Road.  She'll be showcasing Parks' work during February and March, as well as presenting a screening of The Learning Tree (directed by Gordon Parks) on March 29th.

In addition to the folks at Macy's being rock stars and bringing this event to cities around the country, they're also giving you a chance to win a trip to the American Black FIlm Festival in Miami, a $1,000 gift card (shoes, shoes & more shoes!) and a copy of Gordon Parks': Collected Works, Steidel 2012.  Click here for more details. 

FYI: Everywhere abides by FTC guidelines and has provided me with compensation for attending this event.  However, all thoughts and opinons expressed here are my own. Duh! :)

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