Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Hope for Trayvon

*Note: I wrote this the day the police made an arrest in the Trayvon Martin shooting. I couldn't bring myself to publish it.  Not sure why.  In honor of the first anniversary of his death, I decided to post this....

Everyone knows the story of Trayvon Martin.  I can barely recount the facts of what happened without getting emotional. And watching Sybrina and Tracy, Trayvon's parents?  So stoic.  My heart aches for them soooo much.  The pain and numbness in their eyes is overwhelming at times.  They'll never see Trayvon get dressed for the prom.  They'll never attend his high school graduation.  They'll never see him go to college.  Gone. Just heartbreaking.

I didn't know Trayvon personally.  But like millions of people around the world, I connected with him.  I have five nephews.  Five!  Any one of them could have been Trayvon.  Every time I see his picture, I see the faces of the young men in my family.  I think to myself, My God...this could have happened to them. It was a harsh reality check for me.

I'm a hyper compassionate person.  I have such a bleeding heart.  I wish I could help everyone who's suffering, and I often pray for people I barely know.  (I'm no Mother Teresa, but I can't help it.)  So, Trayvon's story naturally tugged at my heart.  It woke me up.  And what did I do about it?  I rallied and sent emails. I spoke up, and I hoped and prayed for justice. 

I'm still reading the reports, watching newscasts and listening to legal analysts weigh in.  And THAT my friends, is a different conversation for another time.  But, I've been thinking and wondering more and more about Trayvon...   

More than
anything, I hope that he can see and feel what has happened here.  I hope that Trayvon understands that his death wasn't in vain. The last few minutes of his life were filled with confusion and fear. I hope a feeling of love has replaced those last moments. I hope and pray. I hope he's smiling and happy.  I pray that he understands...he will not be forgotten.  People he never knew marched for him, wore hoodies in his honor, cried for him and screamed for justice. I hope somehow, he felt that...


  1. My dear Stephanie you are an amazing women. I'm glad I've been blessed with time in your presence. Wonderfully said...


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