Monday, July 30, 2012

The "N" Word...More People Need It In Their Life

Ohhhhhh, you thought I was talking about the other "N" word???  Nope. No sir, no ma'am, not here.  Not with this post (Maybe later).  I'm referring to the "N" word as in....NICE.  

First things first: Let me just say this.  Being nice is not a sign of weakness. Smiling doesn't mean you're soft or your "thug" levels are slowly dissolving.  Letting someone merge into traffic doesn't mean you're a wimpy, scary driver.  Giving someone a friendly compliment doesn't mean you want to marry him/her.  Not. At. All.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It just means you're....nice.  And there's nothing wrong with that. 

I idolized my grandma growing up.  She'd sit with me for hours and give me THE best advice.  One of the greatest things she ever told me was to 'be nice.'  And in true "keep it real" fashion, she never added a lot of ingredients to those two simple words.  She was so sweet.  She'd say, "Be nice 'cuz you never know what someone is going through."  That's it!  Simple.  

She taught me a lot, but that stayed with me. I was always a nice kid.  Polite, mannerable and easy-going.  Not much has changed.  I'm still the same.   

I pity people who are hell bent on being mean.  Typically when someone is mean and nasty, other traits like 'vindictive,' 'arrogant,' 'rude,' and 'bitter' are a part of their twisted energy too.  What a sad, sad life.  Oh well. *shrugs*

Those folks don't stop me from being nice.  No friggin way!  It's in my DNA.  It's what my grandma taught me.  And it's a comfortable place for me.  If I'm mad about something (doesn't happen often), I won't become a horrible, ugly Cruella de Vil.  I'll most likely become quiet.  Extra quiet.  And if THAT happens?  Whew. :)  D  *Nice people often add a smiley icon after saying something slightly mean*

If you're a genuinely nice person, do me a favor and continue to be that way.  I bet you're smiling as you're reading this right now.  Nice people smile's so easy for us!  And for those who choose to live a different kind of life?  Hey--If that brings you joy and contentment, I guess...  Just be sure to tell "Karma" I said Hi when you run into her.  She's a beyotch!

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