Monday, July 9, 2012

Hi, I'm An Egg With No Bio (Twitter Woes)

I love Twitter.  I can't live without it.  Not for the obvious reasons you think, either.  See...I'm a bonafide, unapologetic, Grade A news junkie.  With Twitter, I can connect with reputable newsmakers anytime and anywhere I want.  Whew. Yes. That's incredibly dope to me.  #nerd

I love the cadence and speed of it too.  It moves fast.  Like, Danica Patrick fast!  Fact: Twitter broke the news about Michael Jackson's death, the Hudson River plane crash and Osama bin Laden's raid & death. THAT's how fast it works.  If you don't "get" it.  I advise you to get into it.  If you're in PR and you're not on Twitter....drop the "P" and the "R" from your job description, pack your stuff, do not pass Go and kindly....leave.  Yep, I went there. *files nails* 

Anyway, I digress....  So yeah, I love Twitter. 

Here's the problem.  *sigh*  You know the small area at the top of a person's/company's Twitter profile?  The area that should have a picture/image/logo and a description listed?  Yeah, that one.  I really want people to stop leaving that section blank. STOP.   

First of all, it's 2012.  We gotta move past the default "Twitter egg with no bio" purgatory place.  I mean, who wants to connect with an egg?!  Come. On!  Having an egg as a profile picture (with no bio) is equal to someone showing up to a Democratic dinner party wearing a Mitt Romney costume.  Awwwwkward.

And Eggheads...listen.  I won't follow you.  I won't talk to you.  I won't acknowledge you.  No. No. No.  Not gonna happen!  Not until you take a sec, upload a picture and create your bio.  My tip: Don't stress about it...keep it simple. Think about your interests, prioritize (business vs. personal) and remember key words (Twitter is a search engine.)  Click here to see mine.  If you need more help, hit me up.  Remember, I'm here for you. :)

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