Friday, January 14, 2011

(Marriage/Relationship) Digital Media 10 Commandments

Leon Walker thought his wife was having an affair, so he logged into her email account to get proof.  He was right.  Now he’s facing felony charges in Michigan for violating an anti-hacking computer law.  It got me to thinking…  Husbands, wives, partners & others: Knowledge is power!  It may keep you out of jail and divorce court too!  So, raise your right hand, place it over your heart and repeat the following:  
                 (Marriage/Relationship) Digital Media 10 Commandmants
  1. Honor thy marriage/relationship (ALWAYS)
  2. Thou shall learn the digital landscape (Before you buy a car/house, you do research right?)
  3. Thou shall choose strong passwords (Not 'medium' strength ones and definitely not 'weak' ones)
  4. Thou shall not hack into thy spouse’s personal accounts/email without permission (If you have to hack, you already know what's up)
  5. Thou shall disclose marital status on all social media sites (i.e. Facebook) where applicable (People will often assume you're single, and....drama could ensue)  
  6. Thou shall not sweat the small stuff (Get the facts first)  
  7. Thou shall not use digital media (text, email, tweets) to replace real-life verbal conversations
  8. Thou shall not spend more than 5-7 hours a week on social media sites (Ditto for xBox & Playstation) 
  9. Thou shall re-read all updates (postings, tweets, text, emails) before pressing ‘send’
  10. Thou shall always remember Commandment #1 



  1. Great post! I should print this out and tape it to the fridge at my house. #8 is a real problem for me.

  2. Definitely written from the woman's POV. I'm with you except for the 5-7 hours of social/media & games. If you say 5-7 hours each maybe. I use myself as an example. I need me time each day/week. Working with the public I must detox from others, including the ones I love. I may play a game for a few hours on the weekend while she is reading a book or sewing or watching 90210.


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