Friday, January 21, 2011

Uncle Luke - Miami's Next Mayor?

Let me preface this post by saying upfront that I was born and raised in Florida.  Therefore I have a certain affinity for Luke and his music (affectionately known as “Miami Bass”). **pause for a collective gasp** 

Most people know him as Luke, or Uncle Luke, but his government name is Luther Campbell.  He was the outspoken leader of one of the most popular rap groups of all time, the 2 Live Crew.  His trademark: His controversial ‘nasty as he wanna be’ booty-shaking music that dominated the charts in the 80’s. But he’s also known for his highly publicized obscenity case that challenged the Supreme Court to defend free speech --A music censorship victory and a major win for the entertainment industry.   

Not only did he sell millions of records and make gobs of money, but he was the founder of Luke Records, the first independent black owned record company owned by a rapper. He was also was one of the first artists to distribute his own music.

It’s 2011 now and Luke’s a husband, and a dad.  He’s a different man.  But one thing about him that hasn’t changed…he’s still controversial as hell!  Up next, politics.  Yes—the man who wrote hits like "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" and "Me So Hor*y" is seriously considering entering the race to become Miami’s next mayor.  Sounds crazy right?  Not to me.  Here’s why:

In most cities in Florida, Luke is considered a legend (I’m dead serious) and in the world of hip-hop, he’s an icon (If you don't believe me, ask Jay-Z).  Luke was born and raised in Miami.  He's a smart and successful businessman who genuinely loves the city, and is committed to making it better.  Although he’s somewhat retired from the music biz, he’s still very connected to young people.  He currently serves as assistant football coach for Miami-Dade Central High School and is a very active philanthropist in his community.  Luke is brutally honest and forthcoming about his past and the present (He’s transparent--what you see is what you get!)

And lastly, Luke is no stranger to politics.  He was a very outspoken supporter of many Get Out The Vote campaigns during the 2008 Presidential election, and he frequently gives national commentary about current political issues (He's actively engaged in the political process.) 

You think it's silly, absurd and impossible that Luther "Luke" Campbell could be the next mayor of Miami? Think again.....    
Luther "Luke" Campbell

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  1. Girl,

    I'm notifying Luke's camp immediately. My cousin should be hired as his Campaign Manager:)Seriously, I agree with you it's not impossible. That's one of the many, many things I love about America. As long as you have breathe you can always re write your life's script. Love You and enjoying your blog.


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