Thursday, February 6, 2014

Apple's Awesome PR Sauce: Their Customers

Apple has THE best PR team ever!  Their customers.  

Think about all of the people you know who use Apple products.  Tons of them, right?  They don't just use the products, they're die-hard, lifelong evangelists for Apple.  Say something - anything bad about their iPhone, MacBook Air or iPad and those folks will come for you with the ETHER! 

Not only are they loyal customers, but they encourage others to do the same.  It's almost like they work for the company.  Like they own stock in Apple!  They're so serious that...Apple users will look at you funny when you say your cell phone is an Android.  And if you tell them you're still using a Blackberry???  Whoa.  They'll give you a blank stare, giggle or shake their head in disbelief.  Their passion is undeniable.  

Why?  They genuinely believe Apple products are THE best.  And that's PR at it's best!  Great PR influences people's perception of a company, product or brand.  So much that they want to share that enthusiasm with others.  So much that the cost of that product or service is secondary.  So much that they will defend that company, product or brand to the very end! 

Apple's awesome sauce is grounded in phenomenal PR.  Their reputation has created this army of supporters and customers who carry that Apple torch (proudly) through the rain, sleet or snow. 

Whether you're an Apple fan or not, you gotta respect that.  


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