Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Public Service Announcement: If You Think I'm Writing About You, I Am

I'm a writer (duh), so I get inspiration from everything - EVERYTHING.  I watch people.  I listen.  I pay attention to details (I'm a Virgo too), and I read anything I can get my hands on.  Those things fuel my imagination.  They ignite my energy to create.  Did I mention....I'm a writer. 

If you're my friend, an associate and or even a stranger I've passed on the street, please know that I'll write about you. I will and I do!  Now, I'll never abuse your personal trust.  No way would I ever do that. I won't share your name or any personal, irrelevant details.  But I'll write about something you said or how you made me feel.  I'll write about a situation or a conversation.  In fact, conversations with family and friends have inspired some of my favorite posts. 

So yeah.  If you think I'm writing about you...I totally am.  

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