Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10 Things Santa Will Do After Christmas

  1. Triple check his list to make sure everyone received their gifts.

  2. Check Instagram to see all of the beautiful #MerryChristmas pictures.

  3. Get a massage.  After visiting 842 million homes and traveling 221 million miles to reach each kid, "exhausted" is an understatement.

  4. Date night with the Mrs.  He's been working long hours and she's been patient.  It's "her" time now.

  5. Hit the gym.  A diet that consists mostly of milk and cookies can wreak havoc on a waistline.

  6. Stop by the barber shop.  Make sure his beard is still tight.

  7. Sign and distribute elf bonus checks.  They're the forgotten heroes in all of this.

  8. Take the sleigh in for a tune-up.

  9. Call his publicist - Officially decline FOX News' invite to come on and talk about fictional characters and their racial backgrounds.

  10. Download the new Beyonce album.  #fan

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