Monday, October 14, 2013

Unwritten Twitter Rules - What They Don't Tell You When You Sign Up (Vol. IV)

This is my fourth installment of Unwritten Twitter Rules!  Tremendous milestone, I know. :)  In case you missed Volumes 1-3, here you go:

Volume I:

Volume II:

Volume III: 

You're welcome.   And now for your reading pleasure....Unwritten Twitter Rules - Volume IV: 

  • Never let your momma know your Twitter handle.  NEVER.  :-)

  • If someone retweets you five times a day, ya'll go together.  #TwitterBoo

  • A tweet that takes two tweets to express is usually wack. (I do it all the time though - Lol!)

  • People who live to bully folks on Twitter always have some type of real life issue(s). Pray for 'em.
  • It's hard to believe, but people embellish A LOT on Twitter. *side-eye*  Always remember that they're just people...sitting behind a computer.

  • Being a black person who tweets vs. Being a part of "Black Twitter." *sigh* (There's a difference.)
  • The same people who create drama on Twitter do so in real life also.  #Fact

  • Just because you have a Twitter account doesn't mean you have to comment on EVERYTHING.  Feel free shut-up on some topics.

  • Twitter Beefs - People fight allllll the time on Twitter.  It's best to stay out of it because more than likely there's way more to the story than 140 characters.

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