Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm Black & Blonde -- Deal With It

The title of the article read:  "The Implications & Ramifications of Being Black and Blonde."  I re-read it to make sure I wasn't being punk'd.  I read it out loud--just to make surrrre.  Yep--that's what it said, alright.

Here's an excerpt from the piece:

"African-American women should release the hold that blonde hair has had on us.  It's not a natural hair color.  It's not really a good look if you're over 30.  It's not particularly healthy for your hair."

I don't know where to begin with this one.  Release the "hold" on blonde hair?  Not a "natural" hair color?  Not a good look if you're over  *clears my throat*  30???  

Huh?  Woo Jesus.  I had to ask Him to hold my mule, my wig and all of my calls. a blonde

So, I'm Black and blonde.  My natural hair color is a dark brown, but I've been an on-and-off again blonde for many years.  I enjoy it.  It fits me - right now, and it's fun.  Honestly, I didn't put a lot of thought into lightening my locks.  I didn't pray about it.  Didn't seek counseling.  I didn't look at a beautiful blue-eyed blonde woman and think, "Man, I wanna look like...her."  Nope.  None of that.  I was bored with my hair one day and the next day - *voilĂ *, I was a blonde!    

In full disclosure, let me point out that my hair has been every color on the market.  EVERY color, do you hear me?  Why? I get bored quickly and I like to try new things--in all areas of my life.  
And as a Black woman, I don't put limitations on my life.  The world already puts us in these weird, inaccurate, silly boxes:

"Black women don't work-out."

"Black women aren't very approachable. They
 communicate differently."

"Black women can't/don't do.....

And now, you're telling us we shouldn't rock blonde hair?  Blonde hair is reserved for certain types of "women" only?  Puh-lease.  Dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. Whew--where do people come up with this stuff??

The lesson here is this:  Make sure your self-esteem is in tact.  Especially if you're a Black woman. 
I'm no Dr. Phil, but I have common sense.  These kinds of dysfunctional words/messages are designed to make women question their self-worth.  And listen.  It happens. Sometimes we lose sight of our worth.  But, we have to grab it back and hold on tight.

Learn to be comfortable with who you are (blonde, brunette or braids) and commit to living freely in that truth--no matter what others say/think about you.  Know who you are.  Know it.  Own it.  Embrace it.   *pause & repeat*   Know it.  Own it.  Embrace it.   *pause & repeat*   Know it. Own it.  Embrace it.  (Get the picture?)    

Friday, October 26, 2012

BEST Dog Halloween Costumes of 2012 (LOL!)

Know what I love?  Dogs.  Know what I love even more?  Dogs in costumes!  *giggle*

Harry Potter is in the building!

Granny and Little Red Riding Hood  *giggle*  :)

They look....scared. :)

Jedi.  Enough said.

I Dream of Jeannie!  LOL!

"We're definitely not in Kansas anymore." - Lion, Dorothy & Scarecrow

Lola, the Grouch :)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love Is Love: The Kappa Wedding Everybody's Talking About

I've said this before, but I'll say it again.  I love love.  Any form it...parent-child, brother-sister, girlfriend-boyfriend, BFF's, life partners, same gender unions....whatever!  I don't care. I love seeing people happy, healthy and full of life. 
The video below surfaced a few days ago. It's been the center of some heated dialogue (on & offline.)  It's a beautiful video, I might add.  It features two adorable young people on their wedding day.  It took place about a month ago on what looks like a perfect Fall day (Aren't Fall weddings the best?!).  The couple seems so happy and so in love.  Lots of family members and friends were there to celebrate.  So sweet.  Their wedding colors were red and white. The ambiance was absolutely gorgeous.  Warm, inviting and full I've watched it several times because it makes me smile.

The groom's name is Robert.  And the other groom's name?  Nathanael.  Oh yeah and get this: Besides the fact that Robert and Nathanael are both men, one of them belongs to one of the most popular African American fraternities in the world, Kappa Alpha Psi. #Nupe  Listen.  Two black gay men--a Kappa, getting married and proudly showcasing the ceremony to the world???  Trust me, that's brave.  Very brave.  I applaud their courage.        

Other than the YouTube video, I don't know much about Robert and Nathanael.  But what I do know is this - Every one of us deserves these kinds of moments.  We do.  We do!  No matter our race, occupation or sexual preferance.  We all deserve to be happy.  And let me get this out of the way - I'm not here to beat anyone over the head about equal rights.  Believe and support who and what you want, and I'll politely do the same.  (I love everybody by the way, and that's just how I roll.  Take it or leave it.)

I just wish more people could celebrate other people's joy.  Be happy that someone has found their life partner. That special person who makes them smile, gives them butterflies, makes their heart skip a beat.  That person who stands with them through life's peaks and valleys.  That person who's not only their soulmate, but their best friend. THAT, my friends is...dope.  Why not celebrate that?  
Final Thoughts:  At the end of the day, love who you love.  Everyone has preferences.  Do you to the fullest. happy.  Xoxo

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pic Of The Day: 50 Years and Counting!

Since we're in the middle of a heated political season, I wanted to shine the spotlight on one of my favorite political figures. Colin Powell and his wife, Alma on their wedding day....50 years ago!  #Yowza 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Top 10 Quotes From Blogalicious 2012

Blogalicious has GOT to be the dopest social media conference on the planet!  I mean, where can you meet cool a** people, perfect your line dancing swag (the Wobble AND Cupid Shuffle), learn gobs of info AND party all night with one of your all-time favorite rappers (Hint: 6 minutes, 6 minutes...)?!  

There's no way I can post everything I learned this year, so I compiled my top quotes from some of the speakers and attendees.  Take a look:  

1.  Before you start doing the WHAT, think about the WHY.  Start with the why.  -@corynnecorbett

2.  Never underestimate the power of an educated consumer.  -@EVPMoguldom 

3.  Be comfortable being uncomfortable.  That's the path to growth.  -@marioarmstrong 

4.  Ugly blogs hurt people.  Design matters.  Make the investment.  -@KatyBuckworth

5.  Be very, very nice to the little bloggers.  They'll be big one day. -@Latism  

6.  Don't let someone else dim your light because they don't know how to illuminate their own.  -@missloritv

7. Put a GPS on your money.  Know where your money is going at all times.  -@WellsFargo

8.  For bloggers - Don't be so focused on monetizing that you forget about storytelling.  Don't lose your      

9.  Don't write in beige.  Bring your own flavor and personality to what you do.  -@marioarmstrong

10.  Once you identify who you are, it'll be easy to dream big and make those dreams manifest.  -    

Doug E. Fresh at Blogalicious 2012