Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love Is Love: The Kappa Wedding Everybody's Talking About

I've said this before, but I'll say it again.  I love love.  Any form it...parent-child, brother-sister, girlfriend-boyfriend, BFF's, life partners, same gender unions....whatever!  I don't care. I love seeing people happy, healthy and full of life. 
The video below surfaced a few days ago. It's been the center of some heated dialogue (on & offline.)  It's a beautiful video, I might add.  It features two adorable young people on their wedding day.  It took place about a month ago on what looks like a perfect Fall day (Aren't Fall weddings the best?!).  The couple seems so happy and so in love.  Lots of family members and friends were there to celebrate.  So sweet.  Their wedding colors were red and white. The ambiance was absolutely gorgeous.  Warm, inviting and full I've watched it several times because it makes me smile.

The groom's name is Robert.  And the other groom's name?  Nathanael.  Oh yeah and get this: Besides the fact that Robert and Nathanael are both men, one of them belongs to one of the most popular African American fraternities in the world, Kappa Alpha Psi. #Nupe  Listen.  Two black gay men--a Kappa, getting married and proudly showcasing the ceremony to the world???  Trust me, that's brave.  Very brave.  I applaud their courage.        

Other than the YouTube video, I don't know much about Robert and Nathanael.  But what I do know is this - Every one of us deserves these kinds of moments.  We do.  We do!  No matter our race, occupation or sexual preferance.  We all deserve to be happy.  And let me get this out of the way - I'm not here to beat anyone over the head about equal rights.  Believe and support who and what you want, and I'll politely do the same.  (I love everybody by the way, and that's just how I roll.  Take it or leave it.)

I just wish more people could celebrate other people's joy.  Be happy that someone has found their life partner. That special person who makes them smile, gives them butterflies, makes their heart skip a beat.  That person who stands with them through life's peaks and valleys.  That person who's not only their soulmate, but their best friend. THAT, my friends is...dope.  Why not celebrate that?  
Final Thoughts:  At the end of the day, love who you love.  Everyone has preferences.  Do you to the fullest. happy.  Xoxo


  1. Wow... Stephanie, thanks for sharing this amazing video. Teary and so appreciative of your loving nature.

    1. Glad you liked it! It's a great reminder that love :)


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