Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Top 10 Quotes From Blogalicious 2012

Blogalicious has GOT to be the dopest social media conference on the planet!  I mean, where can you meet cool a** people, perfect your line dancing swag (the Wobble AND Cupid Shuffle), learn gobs of info AND party all night with one of your all-time favorite rappers (Hint: 6 minutes, 6 minutes...)?!  

There's no way I can post everything I learned this year, so I compiled my top quotes from some of the speakers and attendees.  Take a look:  

1.  Before you start doing the WHAT, think about the WHY.  Start with the why.  -@corynnecorbett

2.  Never underestimate the power of an educated consumer.  -@EVPMoguldom 

3.  Be comfortable being uncomfortable.  That's the path to growth.  -@marioarmstrong 

4.  Ugly blogs hurt people.  Design matters.  Make the investment.  -@KatyBuckworth

5.  Be very, very nice to the little bloggers.  They'll be big one day. -@Latism  

6.  Don't let someone else dim your light because they don't know how to illuminate their own.  -@missloritv

7. Put a GPS on your money.  Know where your money is going at all times.  -@WellsFargo

8.  For bloggers - Don't be so focused on monetizing that you forget about storytelling.  Don't lose your      

9.  Don't write in beige.  Bring your own flavor and personality to what you do.  -@marioarmstrong

10.  Once you identify who you are, it'll be easy to dream big and make those dreams manifest.  -    

Doug E. Fresh at Blogalicious 2012


  1. This isa great post! It reminded me of the greatness of the weekend in a grand sound bite. I am definitely sharing this one!

  2. Thank you! So glad you liked it. :)

  3. What a phenomenal way to recap a blogaliciously wonderful conference!

    1. Thanks Danica! That means A LOT coming from you. :)