Friday, May 4, 2012

The Virgo Woman...What You Need to Know

There's something to be said about astrology. Is it always true?  I don't think so.  But, it does give us a baseline to understand each other a little better. 

It's no secret, I'm a Virgo.  Hmmmm....what does THAT mean?  It means a lot actually.  And If you're so lucky to have a Virgo woman in your life (wink), there's some basic things I think you should know:

We're perfectionists.  It's true, we pursue perfection in everything we do.  That's a good and bad thing. It can be exhausting and causes us to be a little critical at times. Give us a minute...we're working on this one.  

We're a woman for all seasons.  We can change our mindset to adjust to even the most difficult situations of life. A strong woman. A versatile woman.

We're not as reserved as we appear to be.  A lot of people think Virgo women are shy *I shrug*, but the truth is, if you take a sec to get to know us, you'll see that we're quite entertaining...and charming. :)

We find humor in almost everything.  Our sense of humor is sharp, quick and smart.    

We are completely devoted and loyal.  Ever heard of a ride-or-die chick?  That's us!    

We're independent and free thinking.  Intellectual connections are very, very important to us. 

We're genuine.  Our motives are honest.  Never malicious.  Highly ethical and idealistic.

Singer, Pink = Virgo Woman

Famous Virgo Women:
Amy Winehouse
Raquel Welch
Nicole Richie
Lola Falana
Cameron Diaz
Jada Pinkett Smith
Shania Twain
Mother Theresa
Sanaa Lathan
LeAnn Rhimes
Anika Noni Rose
Sophia Loren
Selma Hayek
Joan Jett
Jennifer Hudson
Brooke Burke
Lauren Bacall
Cass Elliott
Gloria Estefan


  1. WEll, it is true! I am a virgo woman, and proudly! we are definitely loyal, and keep to a high standard of ethics. I have had some shy moments but I seem to have outgrown shyness and am quite a loudmouth! Oh, and although I always feel a million times better after cleaning and organizing my living space, I find that my house is messy more often than clean so there is no standard virgo. a virgo woman is a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets, and classy all the way. the best friend you could ever have, but boys better be on point when you are with us because it doesnt take a virgo long to realize when a relationship is not going to work.

  2. I had a virgo girl once as a lover, shy, playing hard to get, like an angel when in good mood, always like to lecture but never like to take an advice.
    BUT easily suspicious over words that's been sent, and what shocks me is when she gets angry, wow, words that you couldn't have imagine would come out of this "once pretty angel".
    True but sadly, definitely not a loyal person, by my experience while seeing me also seeing other man, and when confronted always denies and finally when all the fact brought up and can't be denied, she couldn't make up her mind, and that's when a told her our story is over.
    Sad story of a cancer guy. Hihihi :D

  3. Its true from my own personal experience with a virgo lady. Definitely not a loyal person. At first she gave me signs that she liked me, but when i expressed my feelings back letting her know the feelings are recipical, she ends up flirting with another guy and seems very distant with me. She use to do sweet things for me, now she does it for the other guy. She broke my heart. Later after slowly geting over her i found out that one of her friends has a crush on me so i started talking to her friend. When she found out about this and the other girls who admire me, she turns around and starts flirting with me again. I dont understand her. I dont know if this goes for all virgo women but this one in particular seems like she likes games..... any advice a virgo woman can give me? Or any woman out there?

  4. ima gay virgo women im loyal i dont believe in cheating and i dont flirt if im seeing someone