Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to Partay: "Party at Tiffany's" Star is Making Memories and Dreams Come True

Say hello to Tiffany Young, party planner extraordinaire, owner of Pink Pastry Parlor and star of the Oprah Winfrey Network's 'Party at Tiffany's'.  One glance at Pink Pastry and you'll see that Tiffany is not your typical party planner. You name it and she can make it happen!  She's all about that pink power (Yes!), female empowerment (High-five) and having fun!  Check her out:

Tell us a little about Tiffany, the genius behind Pink Pastry Parlor…
Where did you grow up?  I grew up here in Atlanta, Decatur to be exact.  I was born in Monroe, LA, but left when I was 3 years old.

Where did your love of party planning come from
?  I just LOVE KIDS!  I designed my shop to be everything a girl would want for her birthday: A sleepover room, spa, stage for dress-up, classroom for crafts, tea party room, a mini shopping mall, an all pink fun house, and CUPCAKES of course!!!

Tiffany Young, owner of Pink Pastry Parlor 

Have you always loved the color pinkAlways.  It says "girl power" and that's what I'm all about.

What inspired you to open Pink Pastry?  The drive to just do something I’ve always wanted to do. To be my own boss and play with kids all day. It empowers girls and fulfills my true calling at the same time.

‘Party at Tiffany’s’ is an amazing show!  The look on the little girls’ faces when they see their parties is priceless. What kind of feedback have you been getting from the show?  Wonderful feedback!  I get fan mail from little girls all the time! I love it when they say, “I’m saving up to have a party with you!”

What’s the most important thing to remember when planning a party?  To make EVERY element reflect the birthday girl, not the price and not the parent, but all about the birthday girl. It’s all about her on that day.

The Pampering Spa

My favorite party on ‘Party at Tiffany’s’ involved lots and lots of poodles. What’s been your favorite party to plan so far?  Do you have a favorite type of party to plan?  Wow, I’ve done over 650 parties in a year, that’s hard to narrow!  But the “type of parties” that I love to plan are the ones where the birthday girl is a kind of shy, yet 15 minutes into the party she's the most talkative one!  Pink Pastry has that effect!
This one’s for my 62 year-old Auntie. She wants to know… Can she and her friends have a party at Pink Pastry?  LOL!!! Of course, it’s called the “Sweet 16…Again” Party!!!!! Bring it on!

Pink Pastry Make-Over Room
Fast forward five years…to year 2017.  Where do you see Pink Pastry?  I see Pink Pastry being in every major city, where every little girl can experience the party of a lifetime!  And I also hope to have a successful non-profit organization, so that every girl (even the less fortunate) can experience it as well. I’ve accomplished every goal I have put my mind to, and those are the ones on my mind now.

What's up next for Tiffany?  Let's see....More TV, multiple locations, and more parties! What else is there to do?? Lol!  Pink Pastry ROCKS!!!!!

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Pink Pastry Parlor

8465 Holcomb Bridge Rd. Suite 1000
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(770) 650-PINK (7465)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pinkpastryparlor  
Twitter: @PinkPastryP


  1. omg stepanie. this is so wonderful,I love this place,and thanks for asking her about me,having a party there at my age,63 well its on now I want to have one there,lol! you did such an awesome interview,keep up the good work sweeti......

  2. Wow Big Cuzzin what a awesome interview...U asked her all the important things about the business. Im speechless u did a great job and good luck to having many more..

  3. So glad ya'll liked the interview! I'm all about girl power, pink power, etc! Pink Pastry is all of that and then some!


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