Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kids Have a Right To Go To School & NOT Be Bullied

I've gone on record many times about my thoughts on bullying.  It's no secret how I feel.  But just in case you don't know....I don't just hate bullies, I despise them. 

A few days ago, nine year-old Grayson Bruce of North Carolina was bullied by his classmates because of his My Little Pony backpack.  And by bullied, I mean punching, kicking, pushing and calling this kid names.  School officials eventually got involved and their solution?  Zero punishment for the bullies.  Instead, they told Grayson: "Stop bringing your backpack to school. It's making you a target for bullying."  *slow blinking*

Huh?  What kind of warped, twisted ass logic is that? 

I'll tell you what it is, it's wrong on sooooooo many levels.  Not only is it terribly wrong, it sends a dangerous message to kids who think it's OK to bully people.  It sends an even more damaging message to children who are being bully.  Side Note: It really ticks me off that adults made this decision.  Adults!  Incredibly irresponsible.   

Grayson Bruce and his mother.
Kids have a right to go to school and not be bullied.  As parents, school officials, teachers, aunts, uncles, godparents, friends, etc., we all have a responsibility to protect children from bullies.  We should all do our part to let bullies know that their behavior will not be tolerated or accepted.  And kids need to know there will be harsh repercussions if they choose to participate in any kind of bully behavior.  

See...I could never, ever be on a panel about bullying.  Nah.  No.  Nope.  I have a very unconventional way to deal with bullies.  I won't share it with because you'll judge me.  But, just know this... Bullies are cowards.  They operate on intimidation.  They're weak (never as tough as they seem). They're behavior is rooted in ignorance (any fool can be a bully).  

Once you really understand these things, you see bullies in a totally different light.  Your entire attitude and perspective will shift will act accordingly.  Trust me.  

* steps down off of my soapbox *

FYI....Grayson's mother withdrew him from that school and he is now being homeschooled. He has received an outpouring of support and launched a Facebook page (Support For Grayson) that campaigns against bullying. 


  1. I understand the author's outrage. But may I offer another point of view? 

    A child who bullies is simply a child who hasn't found an appropriate way to get their needs met.  The need may be to feel better about themselves, to be the center of attention or to be a part of a group.

    Likewise a victim is a child who hasn't found an appropriate way to get their needs met, either. Whether that need is to better understand socially acceptable interactions, the need to fit in, or the ability to stand up for one's self.

    Poorly informed adults often make decisions that are not helpful.  Assuming the bullies are horrible human beings does little to teach them appropriate behavior.  Homeschooling a child does not help him learn better social interaction with his peers. 

    May I suggest informing, educating, supporting, and holding accountable. We know that works.  We call it Tactics From the Trenches (TM)  --Bully expert, Ms. D to thousands of children

    1. Thanks Ms. D for your feedback! It's very helpful. You make great points and I will definitely become more informed about children who bully.