Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life Lessons From My Dog, Kopper (AKA “Boom-Boom”, “Puchi”)

Technically, I’m a pet owner.  In reality, it’s my dog’s world and I just live in it!  She makes me scratch my head in disbelief sometimes (she takes the word “Diva” to a whole other level!). She can be annoying, she's uber-cute, she can be sweet, but most of all, she cracks me up daily.  I learn a lot from this little 10 lb, four-legged, furry human….

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously -
In her world, when something doesn’t work out,  she gets up, moves on and starts chewing on something new.  Makes sense, right?  Keep it moving….

If You Love Someone, Show ‘em!
 - Don’t be stingy with love.  My little Boom-Boom  loves me to death (and vice-versa).  She showers me with love daily.  And I have to admit, it makes me feel great.... 

Sometimes, You Just Gotta Be a Diva –
Kopper loves to be pampered, hates to be cuddled and would rather dine on treats, than a full-course meal.  Call her diva, but she knows what she wants, when she wants it and she doesn’t care what anyone says about it. Bam! :) 

Trust Your Gut! – Kopper knows within 5 minutes if she’s gonna have a positive or negative vibe with someone.  If she warms up to you fast, chances are, you’re good people.  If not, oh well….it’s been real.  I’m not THAT anal, but paying close attention to that little voice (your gut feeling) will save you a lot of time, heartbreak, headaches, etc.  Trust me…

Work With What You Got!
– My dog has the most hideous under-bite you’ve ever seen in your life.  In addition to her under-bite, she’s missing a few teeth.  Her smile is a hotmess.com to say the least!  But, you know what?  When she walks into a room, she owns it. Head high and full of confidence!

Rest: Get You Some – Listen, you can’t conquer the world if you’re dead tired.  Even Jesus rested on the seventh day, so get those Zzzz’s in.  Side Note: I don’t sleep nearly as much as my Puchi. She’s a diva and requires at least 10-12 hours a day....or else. 
Kopper & Willie (her Boo)

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  1. Pets typically take on the personality of their owners. Considering I know the Author of this blog post, excuse me, this BLOGGER I would say that the addage was accurate! Kopper is cute and cut from the same cloth as her human uber smart, diva owner!!


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