Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pic Of The Day: She's How Old?!?!?!

I kid you not, this woman was born in 1937.  I'm not so great with math, but that means she's *counting on my fingers*  75 years old!  Let me repeat that, so it can marinate and you can really understand what I just said.  She. Is. 75!  Her name is Ernestine Shepherd and she's the world's oldest competitive female bodybuilder.

And get this: She started working out at the tender age of 56.  I'm SO @&h#(&?+d&rf!dg?#er inspired!!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Girls Run The World & Rock The Vote!

DISCLAIMER -  I was born and raised in Florida.  Besides the weather, the beaches and Disney World, there's something else we're known for.  Politics.  It's deep rooted in the culture down there.  No matter your age, race, economic status, church affiliation...whatever!  If you reside in the Sunshine State, you're about that political life.  (And not just during a Presidential election season.)
I'm not an emotional person.  I don't anger easily.  I don't have a combative spirit.  And I'm very, very careful about picking my battles.  Which brings me to my next point...

I checked my Facebook page a few days ago.  It was late at night, but people were still online posting...and venting. Pretty common, right?  Well, something, or should I say someone caught my eye.  I'll call her "Kelly."  Kelly was frustrated and upset about the number of political posts on her timeline.  She was mad and totally "OVER IT." (Yep, she posted it in all caps).  Kelly wanted Facebook to return to that wonderful, blissful utopia that features snapshots of food, obnoxious quotes and sappy relationship updates.  Ahhhh...Facebook.  Gotta love it. :)

Any-who.  I'm always surprised to hear a person say they're not "into" politics.  Completely blown away and disappointed when I hear a woman say it.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

Friend:  I don't like politics.  I don't get it.  I don't follow it.  

Me: * blank stare *

Friend: I hate politics....blah, blah, blah.

Me:  Girl, what?  Do you know that these politicians (mostly men) are out here making decisions about our reproductive rights?  Passing laws about our health care choices...  Hellllloooo - our issues are at stake!

Listen.  Beyonce says "Girls Run The World."  And I believe it.  As women, we've made some amazing strides over the last 20 years, but we have a long way to go.  And to get there, we have to be engaged in the political process.  We shouldn't be comfortable sitting on the sidelines.  We can't afford to "get over it."  We have to get into it.  

There's no question about it, this Presidential election will be a close race.  Will female voters be a key factor? Absolutely.  Our impact is critical and yes, we will play a pivotal role on November 6th.  

To women like Donna Brazile and Maria Shriver....and me, politics isn't some dry, boring, cold place reserved for older men in nice suits.  It's the freeway to empowerment.  It's a place where our thoughts and ideas can help change lives.   
So, the next time you hear a woman diss politics, talk to her about the candidates and the issues.  Help her understand.  And politely remind her of all the women and men who made sacrifices, so that we--women could have a seat at the table.  And then grab a microphone, turn up the video below and...Rock. Out. :)