Monday, June 18, 2012

You Might Be a Great Publicist/PR Professional If....

Real quick: In every working field, there are people who are just... *blank stare*  *yawn*  *files nails* at what they do. There are some who are actually pretty doggone good at what they're being paid to do.  And then, there are those who are just drop-dead amazing at their craft (i.e. Beyonce, Phil Jackson, Valerie Jarrett, Shonda Rhimes, etc.)  PR is no different.

If you're looking to hire a publicist, if you're a PR newbie or if you're evaluating your commitment to the field, here are some things to seriously think about....

Obvious Signs of a Great Publicist/PR Professional: 
  • Great listeners (Listen with intent to understand)

  • Exceptional writers

  • Strategists who will roll up their sleeves & jump head first into their bag/toolbox of tactics

  • News junkies

  • Highly creative (Thinks outside of the box & has fun doing it)

  • Great communicators (Can hold an engaging conversation with anybody)

  • Can't (and shouldn't) live without social networks

  • Attention to detail is insane...On a scale of 1-10, it's about a 25

  • Understand that PR is NOT a 9-5 job



    1. Here's one more for your list. Great PR people know that their contributions can be measured and frequently demonstrate their impact on business objectives.

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